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our home base is becket's banquet hall. having seen almost 500 weddings here, we know there are some very good DJ's in the world...and some who aren't as good as others. our aim is to simplify the process of choosing the right one by being the choice that knows the most about the hall . we are owned and operated by becket's staff members, and can provide the most competitive rates in the market (see below) as we are based where we work (becket's). 


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why us

state of the art audio equipment custom mated to becket's atrium.

clean design (no banners, mismatched tablecloths, tape on the floors etc.)

personalized and custom service (unlimited email or phone planning)

no needless upgrades (we have great lights, they are included in our service, becket's has need to buy more)

no extra charges for early start times (when your guests arrive, we play simple as that)